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Name:Ashley Emmerson, esq.
Birthdate:Dec 24
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:Dream Like New York

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Ashley Martin Emmerson was born at 11.54pm on Christmas Eve and only just skimmed becoming a Christmas baby the year he was born. He is the youngest of four children with two older sisters and an older brother, and the son of a high profile Boston politician with the family natural Bostonians and with generations of 'old money'. His father was elected to Congress after working as a political attorney since before Ashley was born, but even though the law always fascinated Ashley and he somewhat wanted to follow in his father's footsteps, he hated politics to the point they bored him senseless. Instead, he wanted to become a criminal defence attorney and with excellent grades right through school, was always Harvard Law School bound, just like many generations of his family before him. His mother was a professional ice skater and won a gold medal at the 1984 Winter Olympics, but has since retired and owns her own dance studio in Boston teaching children to dance.

It was the ice skating connection how Ashley ultimately met one of his now closest friends, Kyle Peterson. Ash's mother is a massive Boston Bruins fan and owns VIP tickets, knowing a lot of the executives connected to the team. Ash has been a big fan since he was young, and he was with his mom at Kyle's debut game with the Bruin's. They met after the game and both not being drinking age at that point, Ash invited Kyle back to his place where they hung out and played computer games. The rest of the friendship was history and Ash knew how hard it was for Kyle to witness his older brother, Tyler crash and burn. It was through Ash that Kyle was introduced to Calvin Murphy, who was a student at his mom's dance studio and Juilliard bound.

Ashley was always the quite and broody child, and never had much of a promiscuous streak like his brothers had. He was much more close to his mother than his father. He loved playing sports and horse riding, and was studious to maintain his excellent grades, not wanting to disappoint his father by not making it to Harvard. Which he ultimately did, and once he graduated from Harvard Law School, took his first position with New York law firm, Campbell Page & Waterston when partner, Mark Campbell saw a lot of himself in Ash.

Despite knowing he was gay from about puberty when it was obvious he wasn't physically attracted to females (he first noticed he was perving more on the gay figure skaters with his mom than the girls) he never really 'came out', per se. Not wanting to bring shame to his father for being the popular politician with a gay son or risking any backlash for his dad's position, Ash just kept the fact to himself, only confiding in his mom, who was worried he would stay closeted and feel like he couldn't be himself. He promised her when he found someone special, he wouldn't hide it but being so busy with college, he never did. Once he moved to New York, he resolved to be open and honest about himself, and there it was just known he was gay. It probably worked better for him, not a fan of being the centre of attention unless it was regarding a case. In the courtroom, he discovered he shined and had a real cutthroat streak to him. He never once doubted he made the wrong choice of career.

Just two months after moving to New York, Ash met Gabriel George at a work-related party in Manhattan. It was full of high society people and really wasn't his scene, but Mark insisted it was important to network and get a reputation for himself. Gabe was a fashion model for a huge international fashion label, and Ash recognised him immediately, being fashion conscious himself. He never expected them to hit it off, but they spent the whole night chatting at the bar, much to the amusement of Gabe's younger brother, Rhett.

The night ended with a bang, but not the sort they were both thinking about. Ash ended up having a bad asthma attack (something that plagued him since infancy) and ended up in the ER on oxygen. Gabe went with him and never left his side, and it was the start of something amazing. They began dating and on their one year anniversary, Ash surprised Gabe with a trip to Paris and proposed to him up on the Eiffel Tower. He knew what he wanted and couldn't imagine life without Gabe in it. Gabe happily accepted, but Ash is pretty sure he has no idea what he was getting himself in for with a wedding party that would be headed by fabulous gay fashionistas with Gabe's brother and his ex, Austin Shaw.

Ashley is an original character for the PSL/musebox, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.
For RP and muse writing purposes only. No infringement intended. PB is Rick Malambri, who belongs to himself.

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